Nelson Phang | Founder & CEO

Nelson joined the largest real estate company in Malaysia in 2013. It took him only one year to be promoted to team leader, setting a new record for the shortest period someone got promoted to team leader, and won the Top Leader Group Sales Award in 2014, 2015, and 2016

Nelson officially started his Banking & Finance Journey in 2017 and won the International IME Champion Award in 2018.

Because of this, Nelson has extensive experience in the real estate and financial industries, and founded EZ Advisory (M) Sdn Bhd in 2021. His main objectives are to help customers solve financial debt problems, help customers to get an approval on their bank loans and as well as restructure debt via real estate.

In just one year, the company has grown from 3 employees to nearly 40 consultants, and has also trained up 3 Senior Consultants. In 2022, we have successfully approved loans amounting up to 21 million

Nick Lai | Co-Founder

Nick Lai is the Company Director. He started out in the financial industry straight out of high school with one of malaysia top 4 largest banking group where he was growing up in the company look back 2009 year after a year of financial crisis .

Through hard work and persistence learn , he then went on to amass knowledge in financial at Malaysia’s largest commercial banks and was ranked one of the top performance and maintain persistent bankers in the company.

Eight years later, Nick left to pursue his own dream of starting a financial consultancy. from their beginnings of 15 employees,

Nick has grown BSSMC GROUP to a full-scale outsourcing company with 60 employees and a multitude of clients. In total, Nick has 11 years’ worth of experience in financial investing and consultancy. This allows him to provide practical experience advice to clients in order to realise their financial goal & dreams.

Aiden Ng | Manager

Bachelor’s Degree in Law (Honours), Oxford Brookes University

With more than 5 years of experience in the banking industry, Aiden has acquired sufficient knowledge and experience in the banking industry. As a manager in the company, Aiden often shares his knowledge and expertise with his team members and colleagues.

As a law graduate, Aiden developed a sense of responsibility and professionalism with every client’s profile condition and ways to manage them. He is focused on creating pragmatic and innovative solutions that will assist his clients in getting their ideal loan from the banks to further improve their lives.

Taylor Cheong | Relationship Manager

Taylor Cheong started her career journey at the age of 21, joining the largest real estate company in Malaysia as a Team Leader. Only after 2 years, she was recognized by the head office for three consecutive years and won the sales runner-up

After proving herself in real estate, she joined the banking industry. Within 1.5 years, Taylor became the leader of a Finance Agency with a high loan approval rate

With the experience she had, Taylor joined Ez Advisory in 2021. She help to connect the company with developers to receive many real estate investment projects, a products that provided safety and security to the company

Taylor has accumulated enough banking knowledge in the past 5 years in the industry. Her main objective and pride is to help clients solve their financial problems

She hope she can continue to help more people solve their financial situation with her beloved team in the future.
Multiplying the assets of businessmen and create a better future for Malaysia

Elaine Tan | Manager

Diploma in Marketing, Inti University Malaysia

Throughout the years, Elaine has gained sufficient knowledge and experience in the banking industry.

She handled a wide array of matters including but not limited to Personal Loan,
Property Cash Out Plan and House Refinancing, and more.

Apart from the above, Elaine is well experienced in the solve clients financial issue such like AKPK problem, high commitment, and etc.
Elaine is committed to improving the client’s issue of all ages and is meticulous in planning and carrying out the related financial plan to ensure every clients receives the very best financial package.

She focused on providing the most suitable financial package to each customers requirements and expectations.